You’ve just started a website, and you already have your content ready to go. There’s only one problem: you do not think your WordPress theme suits your website (or you/your business) very well. Don’t worry, there are virtually millions of website themes to choose from and the majority of them won’t even cost you anything.

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If you’ve decided to take the opposite approach to things and you wanted to design the website and pick a theme before anything else, you may still be in need of web hosting. I’d recommend using GoDaddy, a basic shared Linux hosting plan is all you need. I found these coupons for GoDaddy: If you’re not in the UK or use a different hosting service then no worries, just do a quick search and you are bound to turn some up for your country and host of choice. If you already have a hosting plan then you can probably still find some coupons for when you are up for renewal. It’s worth a shot!

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Top WordPress Themes

There are many free themes out there that are created by good web designers and are highly customizable and easy to use. It is also important to make sure the template is search engine friendly to make it easier for you to rank in search engines look Google and Bing. Integrated plugins can also be a big advantage, so consider these add-ons when choosing a website theme.

Getting a theme that is packed with features and special plugins usually costs money. However, if you are a newbie webmaster and do not have the funds you can still find a perfect theme for your website…for free! As always, there are some significant advantages to getting a premium (paid) theme. Most premium themes are customizable and come with a 24/7 support center. If you are considering a premium WordPress theme to jump-start your blog, then here are some of the best themes of the year:


If you want to setup a business website, Evolution is a perfect choice. It features a layout that allows you to showcase your portfolio easily. Don’t get intimidated by its professional look, the theme is easily customizable, and you are allowed to tweak it a bit if you prefer.


Another ideal layout for business or corporate sites is the Chameleon. This premium theme features varying color combinations that will surely make your business website stand out among others. Also, it allows you to customize and organize your posts minus the complicated codes. This is one of the premium themes with the simplest user interface.


For personal blogs, travel websites, or spa and relaxation websites, this nature-inspired theme from organic themes is perfect. The theme includes features such as an image and video slider, browser compatibility, and organic framework among others.

The Professional

This high-quality premium theme from Elegant Themes features a slider, which allows you to post your products, services, and more. Best for business and portfolio sites, this theme accepts large photos that can make your website attractive and more impressive. This customizable theme comes with four color schemes as well as a blog-style format that serves as the site’s blog in addition to the business page.

Davinci 2.0

For a magazine or blog-type websites, this artsy theme from Solostream is a good shot. This theme has a user-friendly interface and the professional look of a high-end magazine site.


It is one of the best business WordPress themes for directory setup. It is not only comprehensive but most popular in its niche. With several exhaustive features like splash homepage, multi-city options, coupon system, inbuilt payment options, event listing, it is most preferred choice in its niche.


It is the kind of theme whose name itself demonstrate its objective. A user can list anything from property, cars, services and much more. The theme is made in such as way that it is very easily searchable. Listings offers unlimited attributes for every minute detail like color, location and much more. Everything is user-generated, and one can select which one to make and allocate to private listings.

The Navigator

It is ideal for location guides and travel blogs. This directory-based WordPress theme uses Google maps to demonstrate exact location and offer users an ability to interact with any location. The Navigator can be also adaptable to store locator or real estate directory listings.

Business Finder

With the help of this theme, a user can set up postal listing categorized items such as shops, companies, websites and much more. Business Finder provides built-in spaces to place advertising banners. A user can also add Google Adsense or any other type of ad on his website. This unique WordPress theme also possesses filter and custom built search items which users wish to add in their site.


It is a highly advanced directory WordPress theme with a responsive layout. This is one of the comprehensive themes which comes with a wide range of features. It offers the ability for users to submit events, log in to social networking sites, easy customization option, coupon modules and unique functionality because visitors can review and rate events.

The above mentioned themes are some of the best ones available for WordPress, but this is still just a small sample of the options available to choose from. What is best for you to choose depends entirely on your website and what you would like it to do.


6 Steps to Successful Email & Website Marketing

Although email marketing has fallen in popularity since the emergence of social media, studies have shown that sending targeted emails is still one of the most powerful tools any business has. Email marketing offers the possibility of highly tailored campaigns while at the same time being a cost-effective way of reaching a large volume of customers. Here are six steps that you can take to create an effective email marketing strategy for your business.

1. Have a Professional and Well-Designed Website or Landing Page

Before you do anything else, you need somewhere to direct the people on your email list. You want them to click on a link in your email marketing, and then what? Are you encouraging them to contact you about services, sign up for a webinar, buy a product? You want where they land to look very professional, and to clearly direct them towards your intended outcome. There are a few services that offer to set up these types of pages for you, but I always think it’s best to do it yourself which means having your own website. If you don’t already have one, I really like a2hosting. It’s very fast and reliable, I use it for several of my websites. You can find some promo codes and great deals for their services on this website. Their services are already very reasonably priced, but it never hurts to save a few dollars when you are starting out.

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Check out some articles and videos on creating ‘lead funnels’, these will guide you on how to best set up your website for maximizing the value of your email and other online marketing.

2.Build your list

The first step to efficient email marketing is to build a list of subscribers and make sure this list is constantly growing. Make it easy for customers to sign up to your newsletter by adding a subscribe button in a visible place on your website. In order to encourage people to subscribe, offer them an incentive such as a discount or voucher, and make sure that the subscription form is kept as short and simple as possible. There are lots of great companies that can handle your email marketing for you such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber.

3.Personalize emails

Although customers know that marketing emails are sent to a large list of people, they will pay more attention to your messages if they are personalized. Use customizable fields to personalize each email with the subscriber’s name, thus making the message more friendly. Use demographic information and the browsing behavior of customers to tailor the content of your messages. Studies have shown that including personalized recommendations in marketing emails can increase the click-through rate by up to 30%.

4.Make your emails mobile optimized

70% of customers open their emails on mobile devices, and 30% of them use only mobile devices to read their emails. A website or landing page that is or not well formatted for mobile phones can be a frustrating experience to your customers. Make sure your website and emails are mobile friendly, and that users know from the beginning they will have a good mobile experience on your website.

5.Stay consistent

Consistent email marketing helps build a relationship with your subscribers and makes it more likely that they will purchase items from your website. Stick to a schedule when delivering your emails, so that your customers become familiar with them and learn to expect them. Keeping your style and content consistent is also important, as your subscribers will learn to recognize your messages and not dismiss them as spam.

6.Encourage social sharing

Including social sharing buttons in your emails is crucial, as each share considerably increases your pool of potential customers. Statistics show that emails with social sharing buttons generate a 100% higher clickthrough rate than those without them. When adding social sharing buttons to your website, consider which social platforms are most popular with your customers.

Email marketing might have fallen out of favor in the past years, as social media platforms keep increasing in popularity. However, due to its cost-effectiveness and the easiness to target campaigns to a large number of people, email marketing still makes a very effective tool. Making subscribing easy for your customers, delivering personalized emails, staying consistent and encouraging social sharing are all important steps to a successful email marketing strategy.