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Top 5 Open Source Software Programs for Online Business

What is open source?

Open Source as the name itself suggests, is something that is open for modification and sharing for everyone. The design of all open source materials are accessible to the public, and they can modify and share it as and when necessary. The term is mostly used for software.

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Top Picks for Open Source Software

Open source software, as it is called, is a type of software which has a source code that allows programmers to inspect it, modify it and thus improve it. The programmers who have access to the source codes can not only fix the problems of the software, but also they can add new features to it.

Here is a list of top 5 open source software programs that are not only popular, but are also very easy to use.


LibreOffice is just like MS Office and consists of various different apps for documents, spreadsheets, texts, presentations etc. All the Microsoft files are compatible with LibreOffice, so, even if someone uses Microsoft Office, you can easily share Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other files with them. Besides, this, the files when opened through LibreOffice looks exactly the same as Microsoft ones, and thus, even without paying for a software, you get all its features. LibreOffice also has a live chat forum where you can communicate with other users and developers when needed.

Mozilla Firefox

There are so many browsers available these days, that it becomes really difficult to choose the best from the lot. But there is one browser, which belongs to the open source world and is a powerful one. Mozilla Firefox, is well known for its full customization function. It also has several other benefits like, multiple extensions, more than thousand plug-ins and above all, it gets updated every 5-8 week. Therefore even if a certain updated version has an issue, just a few weeks patience and you soon find it rectified and replaced by the new and the better version.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is probably the most loved and most popular media player, and why not? It can deal with almost any audio, video extension, and even consumes really less space. Other than allowing almost any extension, it also provides the user with a variety of options, which includes even optimizing a video or an audio. That is one of the major reasons for it being made into the list of the top 5 open source software programs.

KeePass Password Safe

Password Managers are available everywhere, but what makes KeePass special is its simple interface, its small size and most importantly the tools it comes with. It even has an AES encryption system and a 2 stage verification system, thus making it highly desirable.


If you are tired of using the basic Windows Movie Maker, Shotcut can act as a pretty good substitute. At first it might look a bit complicated, but once you add few optional toolbars, it can become one of the most powerful software. It has various features, out of which white balancing, color grading and quick filters are amazing.

With each passing day Open Source software is becoming more popular. This is just a list of the top 5 open source software programs, but the full list is almost endless. The way they are substituting the costly software, it is not that far off when almost everyone will opt for them.