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Here you can find some infos about the project, about the features of our OS and about the developers.

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Overview on Piumalinux

Matembiance Theme

Matembiance theme - piuma linux
Update: The Matembiance theme is no longer supported. You may continue to use it, but we advise that you choose another theme for your Linux distro.

Ambiance MATE Theme

The current version of Piumalinux is based on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 LTS. It means that Piumalinux receives all the long term support updates. Nonetheless Piumalinux’s desktop environment is not Ubuntu’s Unity, or Xubuntu’s Xfce, or Kubuntu’s KDE. In fact, its DE is Mate, the so called “Traditional Desktop Environment”, that is a fork of Gnome2. Piumalinux sets up a special theme for Mate 1.6, called Matembiance, very similar to Ubuntu 10.04’s Gnome2 theme.

Piumalinux system is very light, lighter than many other distros which run Mate DE: this is possible because of pure Mate DE, not many startup services and only a few graphical tweaks. Everyday users don’t need lots of services, but the right services at the right time. We tried to keep a reasonable number of running apps and services, avoiding the unnecessary ones. Just like every Ubuntu based OS, also Piumalinux is very scalable, and if you do not find an application or a service you need at that time, you will install it very easily.

The word “Piuma” inside Piumalinux means in Italian “feather”, referring to lightness and agility. If you want to recap Piumalinux in an algorithm, you can say: “Ubuntu’s Core + Mate Desktop Environment”. Under the surface of the current release, Piumalinux2012, you’ll find these main features: